Organization History

In 2011, before Sharon Hanson, president of the North Star Neighborhood Association, talked to Dwain Midget in the office of economic development, there was no funding in the City's budget for a small area economic development plan for North Tulsa. After Hanson spoke to Midget, there was funding. The budget was passed and Hanson formed the North Star Community Development Council, with herself as President and Tracie Chandler as Vice President. Since its inception, the Council’s task has been to work with the city to bring the economic development plans for the 36th St. N. Corridor Small Area Plan to fruition. The City formed Citizen Advisory Teams to oversee the planning process; four of the members came from the North Star Community Development Council; Sharon and Tracie were two of the four. Sharon passed on the 13th of May in 2014.

The planning process included branding the area. The community submitted a list of names; Renaissance (rebirth) was chosen. Unfortunately, the name was already in use in another part of the city.  The branding committee met on the 27th of May in 2014 to search for a name with the same meaning. Research was done and the name Phoenix (reborn) was found. The Phoenix is a bird that continues to renew itself. That is what the community wants, not just to return to its former economic glory of The Northland Shopping Mall days, but to exceed it and get better and better with each passing year. The name was approved at multiple community meetings during the summer of 2014. The branding committee consisted of members from the following partners: The North Star Neighborhood Association, the North Star Community Development Council, ACCA Neighborhood Association, the NAACP, St. Simeons, and the Citizen Advisory Team (charged with overseeing the planning process and selected by Councilor Jack Henderson). 


January 26th, 2015, marked the date of the name change of the organization from the North Star Community Development Council to the Phoenix Development Council. The name change was precipitated by the public’s confusion regarding the North Star Neighborhood Association and the North Star Community Development Council. From January 27th, 2015 to February 11th of the same year, a campaign was launched to select a logo for the Phoenix District. The public was given three designs created by Ebony Easiley, an art student from the University of Tulsa, to choose from. Close to one thousand people participated in the selection process. Design #1 was chosen.

The rest of the history continues to be written...