Input Sought for 36th Street North Corridor Small Area Plan

By Rhett Morgan Tulsa World


Friday, October 5, 2018

Tulsa, OK - To better frame the 36th Street North Corridor small area plan, the city of Tulsa and Phoenix Development Council are requesting the public’s input.

The economic development survey for the Phoenix District can be accessed at

“Our goal of the survey is to find what people want and what businesses they want,” said Tracie Chandler, president of the Phoenix Development Council. “Once we find that out, we are going to start looking for those businesses.”

The 36th Street North Corridor small area plan is a guide for future development there OK’d by the City Council in late 2013.

The Phoenix District is bounded by Flat Rock Creek to the north and the Gilcrease Expressway to the south, Tulsa’s city limits to the west, with the east boundary including undeveloped land up to Lewis Avenue in some areas.

The 36th Street North Corridor is underserved by commercial development and suffers from negative perceptions, particularly when it comes to crime, Chandler said.

“If you want to bring businesses to north Tulsa, you must first change the perception of north Tulsa,” she said. “It’s just like the body. If you have a major toothache, it’s just a tooth. But it affects your entire body.

“When north Tulsa or any other part is hurting, the whole city is hurting. We’re all in this so-called Tulsa together. Everybody needs to do the best he or she can to help Tulsa reach its fullest potential.”

Under the small area plan, recommendations for future development fall into categories of land use and environmental features, transportation, economic development, housing, parks and open spaces, and legacies and urban designs.

Deadline for the online survey is Oct. 25, Chandler said. Paper copies of the questionnaire that have been distributed are due Oct. 22. Chandler is seeking at least 1,000 responses.

“My big goal is just to see the whole plan come to fruition, where we don’t have to leave our community to go get the necessary items,” she said. “All we have are those little convenience stores, and not a whole lot of them. When I get in my car and have to leave the community to get the food and services I need, it makes me fighting mad.”


The Phoenix Development Council is a neighborhood association working to bring economic development to 36th St. N., the heart of the Phoenix District, created to work with the City of Tulsa to bring the 36th St. N. Corridor Small Area Plan to fruition. More info:

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