Letter from the Council President on the Phoenix District Survey

Tulsa, OK

Hello everyone,

I am elated and happy to inform you of the results of our business survey. When Amber first asked us what number we were shooting for, we said if we got 100 participants that would be good. However, as the surveys came in (88 from McLain) we raised our goal to 1,000. It took a lot of hard work, but we exceeded our goal of 1,000, we had 1,017 participants!​This is our schedule for the next three months:- November 5th receive the results of the survey- December 3rd determine the language to be used in recruiting- January 7th form committees to search for the businesses​Come join us on the first Monday at 6:15 p,m. on the second floor of the Tisdale Clinic.​We can go further together than alone.​Tracie ChandlerPresident, Phoenix Development Council


The purpose of the survey was to help us better understand the economic needs of the Phoenix District!

The Phoenix Development Council is working to bring economic development along 36th Street North, the heart of the Phoenix District. Feedback was sought to better understand the types of businesses desired by the community.​The Phoenix District is bound by Flat Rock Creek to the north and the Gilcrease Expressway to the south, City of Tulsa limits on the west, with the east boundary including undeveloped land up to Lewis Avenue in some areas. For more information about planning efforts along the 36th Street North Corridor, please read the City of Tulsa's Amended 2016 Small Area Plan for the area.