TYPROS Street Cred 2021 at the Phoenix District in North Tulsa

What is Street Cred?

Street Cred is TYPROS’ annual community redevelopment project. The event started in 2011 to

highlight the Pearl District’s potential for development. Each year, Street Cred focuses on a

different neighborhood or area of Tulsa that has great potential for commercial and residential

development. Other Street Creds looked at downtown parking lots, Route 66, Red Fork and

South Peoria.

This September, in an effort to model a lively neighborhood culture with food, vendors, art,

interaction, and fun, we will be holding a month of events at various locations along 36th from

Peoria to the Northland Shopping Center. To amplify the work being done by the 36th Street

North community and leverage existing resources, TYPROS Street Cred Committee is reaching

out to 36th St. North business owners, community members, and community stakeholders to

create these events at individual businesses throughout the month of September. We are

seeking vendors, performers, and exhibitors of all kinds, as well as property and brick and

mortar business owners.

Why the Phoenix District?

The Phoenix District is a hotbed of energy and potential that we are eager to support. Not only

are there many new developments arising throughout the area, there is a strong and active

culture of advocacy and investment from residents. TYPROS is committed to using this event to

support the work of existing groups and amplify the voices of current residents as the Phoenix

District takes off.


  • Free advertising

  • Bring traffic to your business

  • Boost economic development for the area

  • Events planning assistance from Street Cred committee volunteers

  • Funding assistance from TYPROS Street Cred to help realize your vision

  • Benefit local vendors, artists, musicians, nonprofits, cooks, etc.

What do I need to do?

  • Contact Street Cred committee member Juddie Williams at jvspencerwilliams@gmail.com and share your ideas for how you would like your business to be involved

  • Draft a budget of expenses and vendors so TYPROS can provide funding assistance to help realize your idea

  • Work with a Street Cred committee member to gain access to resources to help realize your vision

  • Schedule the date of your event and book vendors

What will Street Cred do?

  • Advertise your event along with all other events in the area all month long

  • Provide funds to help pay for vendors, decorations, equipment rental, etc.

  • Provide connections with local vendors, cooks, artists, musicians etc. to help make your event a reality.


Vendor Subcommittee Chair

Juddie Williams jvspencerwilliams@gmail.com

Street Cred Committee Chair:

Katie Sawicki katie@thismachine.org

Urbanist Crew Leaders:

Jamie Pierson jamie.pierson@gmail.com

Kolby Webster kolbywebster@gmail.com

TYPROS Executive Director

Andrea Pemberton andreapemberton@typros.org



Founded as an initiative of the Tulsa Regional Chamber in April 2005, TYPROS was created with the mission to attract and retain young, creative talent to the Tulsa region, while also developing the next generation of leaders and enhancing Tulsa’s sense of place.

TYPROS creates events, programs, groups and straight-up things to do in Tulsa. Our city becomes a better place to live when interesting and interested people (i.e., you) connect with other. You make the greatness happen; we’re just here to put the hold on your Google calendar.

About the Phoenix District

The Phoenix Development Council is a neighborhood association working to bring economic development to 36th Street North, the heart of the Phoenix District. Centrally located in North Tulsa, we are made up of a community of entrepreneurs. We're actively recruiting brains, boots and hearts to work with us! Brains, people with creative ideas. Boots, people to help carry out the ideas. Hearts, people with a passion for North Tulsa.